Friday, October 2, 2009

Twelve by Twelve Website Gallery Update

The Twelve by Twelve website has been updated to showcase all 144 art quilts in our first theme series including the latest Twelve works. Terry, who set the theme, once remarked on her blog that her favourite colour is orange-red and many us seem to have channelled an orange-red vibe along with a circle motif:

With the completion of twelve challenges, the individual Artist Gallery pages are now fully populated and it is fascinating to see the body of work created for the project so far. Over the coming days, we'll be sharing a compilation mosaic for each Twelve. Here is my contribution. You can see more of my contemporary quilts on my website My other website features my patterns, projects and workshop offerings. Both websites link to my blog Serendipity & the Art of the Quilt:

Half way around the world from Australia, is Helen in the United Kingdom. Helen's Twelve by Twelve works are predominantly inspired by stories:

You can see more of Helen's quilts and share in her design resources on Helen's new website Helen also keeps an entertaining blog - From Down the Well.