Monday, October 19, 2009

Most Colorful

This should be easy, just look at the mosaic of all 144 quilts and pick out the one that stands out as using the most color, right? Not so easy.

I set about circling all the ones I thought used a lot of different colors, and came up with 34! OK, maybe I'm looking at this from the wrong direction. I thought about it for a while and came up with 2 new "subcategories" within most colorful.

The first award is "The Twelve that uses the most color in her quilts", and that award goes to Diane. Although everyone of us had at least one piece with a rainbow of colors, Diane had several, including "All Togehter Now" in the Community theme, and the wonderful "All Hands" in our "Twelve" theme.

The second category is "Most Colorful Theme", and that award goes to "Twelve". This was really a judgement call on my part, as several themes used a lot of color, but on this theme the variety of colors really stood out, including Gerrie's "The Twelves", Kirsten's "Midway", Terri's "12x12 The Board Game", Deborah's "Seven Houses, 5 Trees", Terry's "Twelfth of Twelve", and Nikki's "The Kissing Number".
I had fun reviewing all of our themes once more, and it made me so proud to be a part of this group.


Gerrie said...

Good choices. This would have been a difficult award for me to give. Diane certainly is the overall color queen!!

Diane said...

Thanks, Karen! I guess I do tend to use a lot of color on the "more, the merrier" theory!

Brenda said...

And there is Diane's cheery abacus in Color Coounts too.

pattynubs said...

I liked the abacus piece also. Turquoise being one of my favorite colors just made the piece for me!

Kristin L said...

This is fun -- I love that you not only found the most colorful 12, but the most colorful theme too.

Dotti said...

All Together Now reminded me of a majong game board before the tiles are removed two by two; not far removed from the asian cultures who enjoy a sense of community on leisurely afternoons of game playing.

Twelve, I thought, was as different as it would be when twelve separate souls gather to share in art!