Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Most Humorous

The Most Humorous

I found it very difficult to choose the most humorous quilt out of all 144 (actually 132, because I wasn’t counting mine). Mainly because all of the quilts were created by such talented artists and each quilt exudes the artist’s creativity, thought processes, and inspiration.

I’ve chosen two for this award. One of those is Helen’s Blackpool Rocks quilt. Just looking at this quilt in action puts a smile on your face. Who would have thought to put a swirling, twirling, illuminated light wand onto a quilt? Why Helen, of course! But once you read Helen’s thoughts and history on her quilt, you soon find that humor replaced with reality.

The other quilt I’ve given this award to is Gerrie’s Passion quilt, Satin Sheets. With Gerrie’s quilt, you actually have to get the story behind the quilt to understand the humor. On first glimpse of the quilt you may not realize exactly what she is trying to say, therefore, the description and quilt must work together.


Gerrie said...

This was a tough one, Teri, because we are a serious bunch. Thank you for selecting my foray into humor as one of your choices. I, too, love the whimsy of that quilt made by Helen.

Helen Conway said...

I won ANOTHER award?!!Oh I love being part of this group!

Nikki said...

There has been many times the back stories have made me laugh.

Dotti said...

I got a chuckle out of Satin Sheers. I childishly grinned at first sight of blackpool; the grin faded when I read all the meanings and the quilt suddenly became provocative.