Monday, November 14, 2011

Ted's Plate for Me: Slice

 It sounds like my experience was much the same as everyone's elses:  taking delivery of an unexpected and heavy box, wondering WHAT it could possibly be, and then opening it to a jaw-droppingly wonderful piece of glass art by Ted Rips.

Ted chose the quilt I made for the Kilauea color challenge, which I called "Slice." It's one of my favorites of the colorplay set so I was delighted that he picked it.  Here's the actual quilt.  I love love love how Ted got the texture in the colored stripes.

Since receiving it, we've had this in the center of the dining room table where we admire it daily.  It gets lots of rave reviews from visitors, too.  It even coordinated nicely with the Halloween quilt I bring out for the holiday.

To Karen and Ted, this was such a lovely and surprising idea.  Ted, I'm in awe of your artistry in glass and am thrilled to have a piece of your work.
Thank you both so much!


Gerrie said...

This is fantastic. I love every one of these. I love how he got the texture of the fabric in the strata.

Terri Stegmiller said...

Not only is the texture in the colored stripes very cool, but the free form shapes of those stripes must have been quite interesting to make in glass. Look how thin they are in some areas.

Ted Rips said...

To be able to see all of these plates and the associated quilts together in this forum has been a wonderful gift that you all have given me on a number of levels.

As "artists," we all have periods where we doubt our ability. If you are not in it as a business where your affirmation is your sales, it is easy to question the value of what you are doing. I think a gift of the modern age is the ability to blog. The last entry on my own blog is dated June 26th. I have often felt that nobody is really interested in what I do or what I have to say about it. While this is probably true, I don't think it is really possible to make art in splendid isolation. Karen is a better artist because of the Twelves, as well as her interaction with others. Every morning she reaches for the ipad to look what must be a hundred fiber blogs (a habit that has made me extremely jealous). So... I have resolved to begin blogging once more. I am going to begin by presenting this sequence of quilts and plates and will copy some of my thoughts on each piece and maybe talk a bit about how they were made. You are invited to follow me, only if you promise to be critical. My blog site is but give me some time to catch up.

As to Diane's plate, getting those pieces of glass to fit together was a real learning experience. I went through a bunch of glass to do it. Karen explained to me how you would do it in fabric, but I did not have the ability to layer the glass and cut each side together. Once I figured out that the top of one was the bottom of the other I was able cut the pieces and make them fit. A very simple concept that was not very obvious to me. This was also the first piece where I used color frit, and clear class to create the illusion of texture.

Jay said...

Ted, don't ever doubt your art ability! Your work is fabulous! Do you teach your craft? Do you sell or do commissioned work?

Kristin L said...

I think this one gets the prize for most closely resembling the inspiration quilt -- amazing!!

Sue Dennis said...

WOW, the glass plates are all amazing- as are the original quilts! Wonderful artistry- I can see lots of commissions coming Ted!!

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