Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Glass Plate!

Isn't it fantastic to see how Ted interpreted our work? I just love thinking about these classy glass works of art in the homes of each of the Twelves all over the world. Again, thank you so much, Ted!

Here is mine. It's inspired by my chartreuse 12x12 quilt titled Approaching Departure, pictured below.

You'll see that Ted included my loose red thread tails and my tiny square sequin grid near the top. 

My plate is sitting on the sideboard in our living room. I love the graceful curve of the plate and the bright colors!


Gerrie said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Love those colors, of course.

Kristin L said...

Very cool. His is a little more frenetic feeling than yours, but I like that -- the two pieces are approaching departure from each other. :-)

Diane Perin Hock said...

This is so pretty. I love seeing how Ted interpreted the fabric, thread, quilting lines, etc in each of these. Very creative -- he was faithful to the original quilts and yet he had to interpret them, too.

Gosh, we should have Ted do a glass piece for each of our challenges! That'd be a fun new twist!

Jay said...

Does Ted do this for a living or a hobby???? If for a living, does he do orders on line??

Jay said...

I forgot to add....I love this plate as much as all the others!!

Ted Rips said...

Thank you Diane for noticing the threads. I picked this piece because I loved the way Deborah had the threads sort of go off the main part of the piece. My challenge was to try to simulate that.

I used glass stringers and a torch to stretch the glass into fine threads, and then let them cool down quickly on the ends. When fused they spread out. The effect worked, which proves that "Even a blind squirrel will occasionally find an acorn."