Friday, November 18, 2011

My Beautiful Blue Plate

I absolutely love my plate! I still can't believe what an amazing gift Karen and Ted have given each of us.  I was so surprised when I came home one morning from dropping the kids off at school and found a package on my porch.  Amazon? I tried to think of what I might have ordered? I read the label to make sure it was my package.  Karen didn't have her name on the label.  I think it must have been a packing/mailing company.  I was very confused up until the moment I opened the card from Karen. 

Ted based the plate on my blue, white and black quilt, Reboot.  I like the plate much better than the quilt. I love the depth and layers of the glass--truly stunning. 

I was very happy that I had just finished cleaning my art room when the package arrived because I have somewhere to display it away from the jumping dog and flying nerd bullets.  I've even managed to keep the table top clean in its honor (or at least that half).  I love how the card matches the plate! 

Thank you so much Ted and Karen for such a beautiful and personal gift!


kirsty said...

Ooh, this is one ofmy favorites! Very pretty !!

Gerrie said...

Those are beautiful blues! Love.

Kristin L said...

It almost looks translucent! I love how Ted has aded the odd shaped bits and lines to emulate the energy of your quilting lines. Wonderful!

Carol Kunnerup said...

Those plates!!! Each one is sooooo gorgeous, they are amazing. The quilts are too, but I am entranced by the plates.
I love your 12x12 group, seeing what you come up with, exciting. Do you have any hints at how to develop a group like this for this solitary artist? I suppose lots of networking. Fab things come out of your group, thank you for sharing. :D

Ted Rips said...

Thank you Nikki. Just before I made this plate, I had taken a class where we were learning techniques to create the perception of depth. While it is difficult to find many great "reds" in the glass art world (a production issue or heavy metal issue), there are lots of blues... and transparent blues. I was able to use all my blue bits on this and I am happy with the way it turned out. I used stringers on the lowest level to give the depth some reference points.

This is the last of the plates, and once again I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments.... And yes, a Karen plate will be coming along shortly.

Carol said...

What fun--Karen gets a plate, too! And we get to participate, in a sense, by wondering which of her creations will be rendered in glass! It's as if you're all inspiring each other as artists.