Saturday, November 26, 2011

Metamorphic Dilemma 2

So, thank you for your responses to my first dilemma. I was not aware I was cryptic but now it has been pointed out I am quite looking forward to developing that side of me!
So, my second dilemma. I am not sure anyone but me can sort this one out but I thought I'd share anyway. I do not think I am giving secrets away to say that the group had a democratic discussion about how the new challenge was to proceed and one conversation was about whether we should know all the themes in advance to allow us to plan a series from the start. The decision was no.
So we are free to just make free standing quilts each time. But, you know me. If I can complicate things......I am pondering. Should I impose some restrictions on myself and try to make the theme fit in with those restrictions each time so that I end up with an individual series within a group series? I am thinking of the inclusion of a small design element and / or a restricted palette. Or maybe simply requiring myself to use more surface design techniques in each one. That seems an easier restriction and yet still very useful to my development as an artist. 
Or, should I enjoy the freedom and allow myself to stop planning and invite in spontaneity and see what the muses send? After all, if the quilts are ever displayed they are much more likely to be with the other Twelves's by theme rather than with all five of mine hung together. 
Hmmm. Maybe I should make my decision but not communicate it and let you work it out what it was as we go along. A kind of cryptic series!!


kirsty said...

Helen, I had planned to link each of my quilts visually because I wanted to have the possibility of displaying them as a group. The first theme has completely thrown that idea out of the window!!! I shall now stand back and watch you do it - with style!

Bev said...

Helen, Do you sleep at night?

Helen Conway said...

Tee, hee.... No Bev. Not a lot! And when I do my husband complains that I keep him awake because he can sense me thinking in my sleep!

Karen said...

Helen, I'm having the same issues as far as working in a series. I'll be blogging about it later

Brenda said...

Francoise has already provided us with examples of how a common palette and/or common compositional elements can create cohesiveness in otherwise diverse works.

I look forward to seeing what you decide.