Monday, September 10, 2007


Good morning. I've got dandelion ideas simmering about in my brain. I think I'd really like to do something very spare. A composition that isn't over the top. That doesn't try too hard. That sings with simplicity. This could be challenging. It's not that I don't find dandelions dynamic and exciting and full of potential, I think it's more that I'm looking for opportunities in my life to simplify. To choose what is really important and leave the rest behind.

When I went to my first Dallas Area Fiber Artists meeting about a year ago, the program recognized women who had been members of the group for more than 25 years. Each of them stood up and shared some recent artwork and some older artwork. It was amazingly inspirational. One woman went on and on about dandelions. She had traveled the world and taken pictures of dandelions everywhere she went. I ran into her again this summer at a gallery opening and she went on and on about dandelions again. I don't think I even prompted her, she just wove the conversation right back to her beloved weed. I'll be sure to track her down and let her know about our group challenge.