Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hi everyone! This is me...
kirsty d
I'm 42, have two kids - an 18 yr old son and a 15 yr old daughter - and Peter and I have been married for EVER (24 yrs).
So, you Mathematics Queens will have calculated that I was 18 when we married! I had just finished high school and planned to go to university but I soon decided that buying a house was a higher priority for me than studying for a career that I didn't really want anyway. So I got a job, we bought a house and, eventually, I quit the job and had babies. I have never wanted a career, never regretted being a full-time parent.
All of my life I have loved art in many forms. And my mother taught me to sew and embroider when I was very, very young. Eventually the two collided and I started to make quilts. I love books and self-directed learning so I am largely self-taught. Ten years ago I started teaching, working in quilt shops and designing patterns. I love interacting with other quilters and the wonderful buzz of teaching and exchanging ideas!
I am a New Zealander and Peter is Australian. We have moved between the two countries a number of times and currently we are living in North Queensland, Australia. We've been here for a couple of years now, so I should be feeling settled, but the last four years have been a time of great change for us which has interrupted my creative flow rather badly.
I'm really looking forward to having this group as a stimulant and inspiration for more and better work!