Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dandelion Sketches

I've been holding back on sharing what little I've been pondering for our challenge, wondering if it's better to "work now, talk later" (or something like that -- I can't remember who said it). I decided today that, duh, the purpose of this blog is to work together to further our creative journeys and sharing the process is part of that. See, it says that over on the right there, below the pretty mosaic of all our work.

Diane asked earlier about journaling, so here's a few dandelion-reated pages in my sketchbook. Normally, I don't even bother with the colored pencils -- I just draw a few lines that mean something to me (artistic shorthand perhaps?) and add lots of written notes and arrows. Today I HAD to work out something in color and got a bit carried away "colorizing" the drawings on a few other shorthand notes as well.

I've since sketched a few more ideas and I may actually be focusing in on something. Or not.


StegArt said...

Great sketch journal shots Kristin!

Karen said...

OK tomorrow I'll photograph my sketch book also. I think it's a great idea to share these

Deborah said...

Oh I love looking at other's people's sketch books! This is so great. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

Deborah said...

I forgot to say how interesting it is to see the sketches of the potential pieced elements you will use in your piece. I love the personal style you have developed in combining pieced elements with the more "arty" elements.