Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Helen's introduction

Hi everyone. I thought I'd take up Diane's suggestion to introduce myself.

I have only been quilting since January 2006. At that time I was travelling a lot and my longsuffering husband had been hopefully saving up all his shirt buttons that had fallen off until a time when I was in one place long enough to sew them on. So there I was at New Year's handsewing away and thinking how peaceful and restful it was. I was musing as to how different my life was compared to a woman who sewed a lot. A woman like, say an Amish woman with a rocking chair and a porch who might make a quilt. So, I Googled for 'Amish quilts' and fell down an Alice in Wonderland type rabbit hole into this whole wide world of quilting and textile art that I never even knew was there. And from there on in I was hooked. I have since cut back on work so I have more time for my new obsession and when I do travel for work, the sewing machine or handpiecing goes with me.

I will admit to having been very productive in the last twenty months but I am a little overawed at being invited into this group as I haven't really made what I would call art quilts yet. I am definately the baby of the group! However, I am excited about the challenge and to having a forum within which I can experiment and have fun with these multitude of new techniques I want to learn ( all at once!). I'm also looking forward to getting to know you all along with your art.


StegArt said...

Hi Helen, very nice to meet you!

Nikki said...

I've got you beat on being the Baby -- only 33. I definetly fell in the same Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole. Hope to get my introductions up soon.