Saturday, September 8, 2007


Yesterday, I took a few pictures of dandelions, before my DH mowed the lawn. (We have lots of dandelions in our garden...) Then I played with PSP, and tried some filters and effects on the pictures.


Diane said...

Wow, these are stunning. I wonder if there'd be a way to create these shapes and lines with some sort of planned scrunch fabric dyeing or shibori.

Kristin L said...

I was thinking that these looked like your hand dyed fabric too. Definitely "Françoise" colors ;-)

Diane said...

By the way, Francoise, is that the french word for dandelion? Dent de lion (lion's teeth, right?)

Françoise said...

The common name is "pissenlit" now.
"Dent-de-lion" is almost not used anymore, but that's where your "dandelion" comes from.
And yes, it means "lion's tooth" because of the leaves shape I think.

Helen Conway said...

I seem to be at a disadvantage here - I don't know what PSP is and we don't have any dandelions in our garden!

Françoise said...

PSP is "Paint Shop Pro", a photo editing program.
I really wonder how you manage to have no dandelion in your garden! (I would like to know how you do that, actually)