Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hello from Belgium

Ok, it's my turn now!
I'm Francoise. I'm 48 years old. I have a dear husband and three sons. Sailing is one of our favourite hobbies. I've always liked to draw and to do crafts, but, strangely enough, I studied Mathematics at the university.
In 1983, we left for California. That's when I saw quilts for the first time, and I decided I wanted to be a quilter too.
We've been living in Belgium again for almost twenty years now.
I like to dye and print my fabrics. I'm crazy about Japanese textile art. I read a lot, in French and in English.
I'm currently studying Creative Computing with DesignMatters. Six years ago, I took a textile design course at the Open College of the Arts.
I am delighted to be a member of this group, and I'm a bit anxious too... Thank you Diane for inviting me to join!