Friday, September 21, 2007

It's OUR group

When Helen emailed me to ask what I thought about the exhibition prospect, she prefaced her comments by saying "it's your group, so..."

And that made me realize I'd better say what I'm assuming: It's OUR group. Nobody needs my permission to do anything.

I'm the instigator (which will come as no surprise to my mom), but we're all in this together. [Cue the music*....]

I'm delighted to have exhibition prospects, and Helen, thanks for pursuing inquiries! I agree that we'd better see how this goes to commit to anything firmly, but I like knowing that what we do has a good chance of being seen. It's exciting motivation, I think.

* If you have a "tween" in the house, then maybe you've been hearing the High School Musical soundtrack as much as I have....


katelnorth said...

and soon, we get a whole new soundtrack, with HSM2 having just come out...