Friday, September 7, 2007

Dandelion thoughts

One of the reasons that the theme dandelion stuck with me and became my final choice was that even in its obvious plain state, it displays several really interesting shapes and there are so many directions to go with it. Since I tend to suffer what I've heard Jane Sassaman describe as being "tragically literal," that appealed to me.

Actually, one of my goals these days is to push myself away from being so literal in my artwork. I think I tend to live in my head a lot (probably common for lawyers, eh?) and I think in words rather than pictures. Getting myself to interpret a theme such as "dandelion" without simply translating a dandelion picture into fabric is a real challenge for me. And even when I try to think less literally, the first place I go is toward language... you know, Dandy Lion. (*rolling eyes*) I'd like to get myself to a place where the work evokes the sense of the thing, without necessarily showing the thing.

Helen, remember that you don't have to work with yellow at all if you don't want to. I've been thinking about ways of working with dandelion that don't use yellow and green. (Not that there's anything WRONG with yellow and green -- grin -- but I use them a lot. And there's that literal thing.)

I love the poems. I stumbled across this cartoon (#1 on the page) last night, which seemed appropriate for our international exploration of this idea.

And how cool that you already have a budding opportunity for an exhibition for us, Helen!


Kristin L said...

OK, I have a funny (well I thought it was) family anecdote that relates to this. Years ago my uncle (a painter) got a tattoo of a crysanthemum on his chest. It is based on a drawing/painting he did and is huge and gorgeous. Of course, his son (about 8 at the time) wanted a tatoo too. So, my uncle said OK and drew a "flower" on my cousin's chest. It was a Dandy Lion of course -- complete with top hat and bow tie!!

Helen Conway said...

Ok So my idea to be different with a cartoon lion with top hat and cane is not that original then!! And Diane, it will be a good thing for me to work with yellow- I can't even buy the stuff so how limited is that? .... although now I have your permission I might not!!