Friday, September 14, 2007

Dandelion chain

Ever notice how you may not think of something for a long time...and then once it crosses your radar, you notice it everywhere?

That's how it's been for me with dandelions lately.

Look what was on the cover of the latest SmartPak dog-supply catalog that came yesterday:

Dandelions everywhere.


Gerrie said...

Ha! I saw that photo and I thought Caroline had made a necklace for Gemma!!

Terry said...

I was just thinking about how we used to make those dandelion chains when we were kids. And that game where you hold a dandelion under your chin to see if it reflects yellow onto your chin, which supposedly means you like butter! Did we make this up or did other kids do this same thing? I was also remembering how you could pick a dandelion and split the stem lengthwise with you fingernail a few times. Then you'd put the split stem in your mouth and slowly draw it out between pursed lips and the stem would curl up. Yes, you certainly have me seeing dandelions and thinking about them!