Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My intro

Okay, here's my introduction.

I've been sewing for most of my life, and started making quilts when I was in high school. (I'm 50 so that was some time ago!) I started quilting using very traditional techniques, back when quilting generally involved a lot of little calico prints. My sewing pretty much came to a halt when I went to law school and afterwards when I worked full time as a trial lawyer.

Flash forward a bunch of years, by which time I married my husband, we adopted our daughter, we moved back to California from New England, and I was no longer working full time. I volunteered to help make an auction quilt for the preschool, which caused me to venture into the local quilt shop. Oh my -- I discovered that the world of quilting had really changed! I found jaw-droppingly fun and colorful and gorgeous fabrics, and I think I started drooling when I found Freddy Moran's new book "Freddy's House" and saw how she was doing fun and contemporary things with traditional quilt patterns. I was hooked all over again.

Since then, I've made lots of quilts....big, small, traditional, contemporary, artsy, and not. I like all sorts of things and a lot of different techniques. I tend to have lots of projects going at one time and work on whichever one suits my mood. I find that making art quilts is exciting and fun but requires a lot of thought for me, so I like to fall back on routine piecing for those no-thinking-required sewing moods.

I'd like to get myself working more spontaneously, but I'd also like to work a bit more consciously... maybe more designing ahead of time. I guess I'm still trying out different ways of working. I suspect I'll never settle on any one.

I juggle my art making and quilting with part time legal work from home. It's pretty ideal, although I'd pretty much always rather be working on a quilt project. And because there is just so much to do, I can get rather scattered. Working on challenges to a deadline really focuses me.

I'm delighted to be working on this with you all.