Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I am here!

I haven't used blogger in ages. Hope I can do this. I stole this pic from my friend, June Underwood, because it is recent and I like it and that is Terry Grant's granddaughter, Sofia.

I want to let Terry and Kristin L. know that I had nothing to do with your being invited to this group!! Even though I call myself Kristen's Art Quilt Mom and I call Terry one of my best friends, ever.

I have no real art background. I am basically self taught, but I have taken lots of classes over the past few years. I have been quilting since 2000, when I moved to Santa Rosa, CA. That is where I met Diane.

I have not done much traditional quilting. I just jumped right in to doing quilts for the wall. I love a challenge so I am looking forward to this group and especially getting to know all of you and seeing your creations.

I am currently up in Washington Wine Country celebrating our 43rd wedding anniversary with Mr C. So you can probably now tell that I am the oldest in this group. I will be 69 next month. Gotta go take walk with Mr C.