Sunday, March 27, 2011


I am working on two chartreuse pieces, and I took a break a few weeks ago to do some research on the big island of Hawaii.

The island was an overload of greens, and once my family members figured out what chartreuse was, they helped in the search.

I'm back in reality now, but still noticing chartreuse everywhere I go. I have found that to be true about all the color challenges. Once I see the colors the stick in my brain until the next challenge. Then I seem to do a brain dump and the next challenge colors take their place.


Connie Rose said...

I love that palm tree from below, really great shot!

Diane said...

I'm having that same chartreuse-everywhere experience. Of course, it's been a very gray and rainy few weeks here in Sonoma County, and so the vineyards are bright with brand new grassy weeds. Everywhere I look is a scene of chartreuse.

Anonymous said...

Brain Dump --- I like that -- and I am not even part of the challenge.

I love chartreuse so am loving this project.

upstateLisa said...

Gosh, I wish I could have been your research assistant in Hawaii! I love looking for chartreuse!!!