Thursday, March 17, 2011

3 Creative Studios Guest Artist & Shibori Tutorials

3 Creative Studios I once infamously declared that I would never do shibori again. I should not have been so emphatic. These days, as shown by my Twelve by Twelve pieces, shibori is an integral part of my creative repertoire. So when 3 Creative Studios invited me to be guest artist for March, and to share a technique of the month, I instantly knew that I wanted to focus on shibori.

I am presenting four mini-tutorials as an introduction to shibori dyeing techniques. The first tutorial covers Karamatsu - Japanese Larch, a radiating circle design created with a stitch resist that I used in my Dandelion work. Different effects are achieved depending upon the number of circles you stitch; the number of rows of stitching; and how close together the rows are. I hope you give it a try and join the 3 Creative Studios TOM Flickr Group.
Karamatsu Trio