Friday, March 4, 2011

More About Community & Kirsten

What Kirsten modestly failed to mention in the last post is that, in addition to bringing colour and verve to Twelve by Twelve, she is active in her local creative community in Far North Queensland, Australia.

Kirsty is a founding member of the Townsville Modern Quilt Guild that meets on the first Sunday of each month (that would be tomorrow!) and welcomes anyone who is interested in making modern quilts with no rules. Kirsty has been crafting obsessively since she was a tiny girl and her shop pompom rouge Craft Studio is the Dream Come True.  Now her family can stop complaining about having to share the house with boxes of buttons, ribbons and cloth and Kirsty is constantly surrounded by the inspiration of luscious colours and fabulous fabrics.  Check out the Classes for March which includes a Powerstripping workshop with other Australian Twelve, Brenda on Saturday, 26 March 2011.

You are also invited to join Kirsty and Brenda at pompom rouge for fun and festivities to celebrate the Australian launch of the book Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge at 6.30pm on Friday, 25 March 2011. (Please RSVP to Kirsty by 24 March so we can make sure we have enough chocolate and bubbles and other good things.)

PS: You can also find Kirsten on the Pompom Rouge Facebook page and on Pompom Rouge Flickr.

PPS:  It's come to my attention that some of our new readers think all of the Twelves live in Australia but only Brenda and Kirsten do.  And even they are transplants as they both grew up in New Zealand and retain strong connections there.


Linda Robertus said...

I would love to come to the launch in Townsville, but even though I am in Queensland too (as a transplant from the Netherlands) it's still a bit too far... (only 1300 km...)

Anonymous said...

Linda, if you got on a bus now you'd probably make it :P