Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Book Release Celebration Questions

Twelve by Twelve:The BOOK!It's not too late for you to join our book release party! Just click on the relevant link and leave your answer to one of the questions set out below. Each answer counts as a separate entry and all comments left by midnight Pacific Daylight Saving time on Thursday 17 March will go into a draw to win a copy of our new book Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge. We will announce the THREE winners on Friday.
  1. What technical and/or social media tools have you found useful in building or participating in a creative online community? 
  2. Throughout our Theme series we chose a wide variety of topics from concrete objects like "Chair" to abstract ideas like "Identity".  Which of the 12 themes did you like best (or which one did you find most inspiring)? Did you make a quilt from it?
  3.  If you could pick our next Colourplay challenge, what palette or colour would it be?
  4.  How do you create time and space for your art?
  5. Are you (or were you) inspired to try a new technique from any of the Twelve by Twelve quilts? If so, which one(s)?
  6. How many of our readers are art quilters, and did you follow the path Karen did, with traditional quilting first, or jump right into art quilting?
  7. How much time do you spend every day (every week) reading art quilting blogs? Do you spend more time reading online than reading books?
  8. What size art quilt are you most comfortable making or if you do not quilt, what size would you like to have hanging in your home?
  9. So, which do you prefer, hand quilting or machine quilting?
  10. If you could join a group like this, would you? If so, what appeals to you?  
  11. What is your favorite finishing technique for art quilts?
  12. How do you celebrate when you've completed a project?


June Calender said...

I have the book and am half through reading it. I've written about it on my blog:

Jennifer Loveder said...

I have just received my copy of your wonderful book! Intrigued as I have been for the last two years as I have viewed, piece by piece the exquisite work produced by each of you, I am very, very impressed in the production of the book. It is just so FULL of information, detail, photos, stories, etc., and I am reading it one quilt at a time! It has come just 10 days after a (second) knee replacement, so I am spending a great deal of time resting and reading. Congratulations to you all. Long may you stitch!
Jenny Loveder, Brighton, South Australia.

MareeR said...

My copy of this wonderful book arrived to day. I am so excited - have read the first few pages already. Congratulations on producing such a wonderful book from your quilting collaboration/friendship.

Maree Rogers
New Zealand