Thursday, March 3, 2011

BrownSageBlue Colorplay Website Update

The Colorplay gallery and the individual Artist Gallery pages of the Twelve by Twelve website have been updated with the BrownSageBlue works. You will see that I decided to proceed with the pieced Copacabana Sentinels as my official contribution but I do plan on doing more monoprinting.   Here's the mosaic:


Kristin L said...

This may be my favorite mosaic so far. The richness of the colors and their peacefulness as well really appeal to me.

Diane said...

A very cohesive mosaic! Now I wish I'd used more blue!

Jennifer Loveder said...

Dear 12 x 12 artists
I am blown away, again, by your wonderful creativity, inspiration and interpretations of the latest theme, and the ingenuity you all use to produce such wonderful pieces of work. I am really looking forward to receiving my copy of your publication, and continue to be inspired by your work and words.
Jenny Loveder, Brighton, South Australia.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I agree, this is a very cohesive grouping! One of my favorites!