Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I gathered chartreuse fabrics from my stash yesterday. (My iron is almost chartreuse, too!)
As I was picking out fabrics, I discovered that ones that really seemed to fit the color concept were the pieces with various surface design or dye techniques. On the left is a hand painted piece given to my by Sonji Hunt. It would just be yellow without those green leaf shapes, but in combination -- I think it reads chartreuse. See that tiny piece of Lonni Rossi's ginko fabric line? Gosh, I love that print. I've only got scraps left. Under the ginko is a piece of silk I dyed in a Dallas Area Fiber Artists workshop. The piece with the greenish-yellowish stamped rectangles was also created in a workshop long ago. The fabric with the wavy green stamped images was part of a big stash of hand stamped and painted fabrics that some friends gave me for my birthday years ago. It's been waiting for the perfect application. This may be it. There is also a sun printed fern piece that I did in a workshop with Art Quilts Maine years ago!

It was like walking down a chartreuse memory lane.

Then I noticed this cigar box on my shelf. It holds various beads and bobs. Totally chartreuse.

Whenever a new color is announced, I always notice it popping up everywhere. I think when we are tuned to something specific, we can really open all kinds of possibilities.


Gerrie said...

I love those fabrics! Loverly!

JB said...

The colors in the yarn remind me of the Lorikeet challenge.

It looks like you have some really fun fabrics to audition for this challenge.

Brenda Gael Smith said...

My iron is purple. Want to swap?

Diane D. said...

That cigar box makes me laugh. I bought about 10 just like it at a dollar store with the intention of doing "something special" with them. Hmmm, so far that hasn't happened, but I did take lots of pictures of them in interesting stacks when I first got them.