Saturday, December 8, 2012

Flash Back!

As I was preparing to enter an upcoming show, I discovered that two of the pieces I had intended to enter did not fit the size requirement. Grumble! I decided to try to create a new piece of work on a tight deadline. Rather than start from scratch, I thought it would be interesting to reinterpret an existing piece. I chose my 12x12 quilt from the Brown/Sage/Blue theme in the ColorPlay challenge.

Spring Suggestion, March 2011

Using the same basic colors and composition, I was able to put together this quilt in about a week. It was really fun!

Shelter and Stream, December 2012

I entered this quilt in the upcoming SAQA exhibit called Deux. I work about my experience preparing my entry on my blog last week. I discussed creating new art work, choosing which quilts to enter, titling the quilts, photographing and filing the paperwork.

Here you can see a few of the subtle changes I made from the smaller version.

The blue strip became wavey shapes. The cream colored Y stitches became leafy stalks and the brown felt leaf morphed into three leaves.

My participation in the 12x12 project continues to be such an important part of my artistic life. I really didn't imagine using my 12x12 artwork in this way, but now I'm looking at other pieces and thinking how they might inform new works!


Brenda Gael Smith said...

I love seeing how our 12x12 works have informed and influenced our wider creative practice. I know my own Dreamlines, Desire Lines and Flying Colours series all have a direct genesis in challenge works.