Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 Series by Nikki

The Twelve by Twelve website has been updated* and now includes images of all of the works in our 2012 Series including the latest Sweet Challenge. The Artist Gallery pages have been updated too.  It's fun to see the art quilts of each Twelve all lined up together.

Here is an overview of Nikki's 2012 series: 
Nikki 2012 Series
Nikki has been busier than ever this festive season and has Stocking Stuffer Art, Treasure Tea Boxes, Mixed Media Art Quilt Kits and other goodies for sale.  Check out Nikki's Etsy Shop.

* Please e-mail Brenda  if you spot any glitches or broken links on the website.


RainbowCatcher said...

I'd just like to let you all know that your book got a positive review in the latest German "Patchwork Gilde" magazine. Closing sentence: "Ein Buch, das man immer wieder in die Hand nehmen kann um Neues zu entdecken." ("A book that you can pick up repeatedly to discover something new.") :)