Monday, August 8, 2011

Surrounded by orange

The lilies in my yard are amazing right now. These orange ones just sing. I really think there will be orange lilies in my 12 x 12 quilt, but since I haven't even begun to begin, who knows?

These red-orange ones are pretty great too.

I really haven't even begun my orange piece. I have a stack of fabrics I am thinking of using and a few ideas in my head, but things have been way too busy around here. One of my priorities right now is to try to finish a quilt for my grandson, Marco's first birthday, which is only a week away. I don't think I'm going to make that deadline, but he will get it soon enough. It's too hot for sleeping with a quilt right now anyway. But I am loving the way it is coming together. It occurred to me today that I could throw a few of these blocks together and have my 12 x 12 orange quilt done!

Further proof that orange looks good with everything. Loving the orange and turquoise combo.


Gerrie said...

Ooooh! Love that.

Françoise said...

Lovely! (I've put a little bit of turquoise in my orange 12x12!)

Kristin L said...

I totally understand having other projects to work on. I am completely enthralled with a non 12x12 project right now. I love Marco's miter quilt! Miters are awesome.

Renate said...

WOW! Love that quilt for Marco! Wonderful collection of stripes.