Saturday, August 27, 2011

Seeing Orange in Tacoma

Terry and I went to Tacoma, WA on the train to attend the APWQ show. We were so excited to have Nikki come down and hang out with us for awhile. We were having so much fun chatting, that we did not take a photo of the three of us. Sorry!! We also got to see Del Thomas and got to introduce her to Nikki.

We saw our book in one of the booths, and we had several people recognize us and tell us how much they enjoyed our blog and our book.

This morning, we went to the Tacoma Art Museum. In the lounge area, I noticed the orange pillow and the orange rug!


Kristin L said...

That's a great pillow! I love that Twelve by Twelve meet-ups are happening all over the world! Soon we will all know each other as well as we know each other's work. :-)

Diane Perin Hock said...

Isn't it funny how having a color theme really makes you aware of that color? I'm seeing orange in some very unexpected places.