Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Orange and Blue?

I've been thinking about what to do with Terry's Orange theme, and became frustrated with my self over the hard time I was having deciding. Finally I thought, just make an orange, duh!   And, it's the  perfect opportunity for some Kantha stitching.

This blue silk seemed the like a great background, so I started stitching away, using three different thicknesses of thread to emphasize and diminish certain areas.

The fact that you are seeing it now tells you I'm not crazy about it.  Probably this blue silk is to rich looking, and then there's the possibility I don't usually work literally, so it's back to thinking about orange, abstractly this time.


Gerrie said...

I'm with you. I was going to go literal. I have a piece with an orange in it. Looks like an orange - too boring for me. I don't work much in orange, but I wear it a lot. Maybe a self-portrait with orange hair and outfit. LOL!

Kristin L said...

I'm also exploring more literal orange imagery, but so far I like it. I think that even if we all did actual oranges, they'd still look very different and interesting.

Karen, I do like all that stitching and maybe some of that could be incorporated into your new direction. I could even see kantha over an orange silk appliqued on the blue background as that blue really sets the orange off wonderfully.

Gerrie -- I could easily imagine an orange self portrait of yours -- it would be so fun and appropriate!

Karen said...

I can see Gerrie doing a self portrait also, featuring her hair, of course!

Diane said...

As I have been traveling around on the Helen Conway Tour of Northern England ( which I can highly recommend by the way) I have been contemplating orange. I have seen grolling hills in very shade of green you can imagine. I have seen gorgeous grays and browns of ancient rock walls and stone cathedrals and soft mists. But orange? Not so much. On one outing at Sizergh Castle in Kendal, Cumbria, I spotted one lone ORANGE dandelion pushing its way out of a stone wall. There is something about doing a dandelion for this orange things that brings things full circle for me and that tempts me.

Today we went to the Cumberland pencil museum in keswick, Cumbria (where Derwent pencils are made) and I came away with some orange ideas that excite me. You might remember that my yellow and purple piece paid homage to the #2 yellow pencil. So who knows what I will end up doing.

But I really like your kantha stitching!

Carol said...

I enjoy when you bounce ideas off each other. While your finished products are so lovely, and your techniques show much skill, it is the interplay within the group that makes me come back again and again. Each one of you would create apart from the others; but your willingness to integrate, receive and consider one another make the results more like a symphony.

Brenda Gael Smith said...

Has anyone ever tried stamping with an orange? If so, how did it work?

Kristin L said...

Ooh, good idea Brenda -- that might work in with the ideas I have percolating.