Monday, January 24, 2011

Inktense pencils to the rescue

It seems like all I do these days is complain about the color schemes my fellow Twelves keep coming up with! Maybe it is because so many have been full-on "schemes" which really tax my imagination! So, as usual, I am uninspired by the green, blue, brown scheme. But in going through my fabrics yesterday I found a small piece I purchased a while back on speculation because it reminded me of porcelain designs. It almost has the challenge colors in it.

The green isn't really green, though. More teal. So I used one of my Inktense pencils in a yellow-green to adjust the color. These go on like a regular color pencil, then you brush a little water over them and they blend and intensify. When dry they are permanent. Very cool medium! Here is the result.

I think I am seeing hints of our scheme here, don't you?

You may see this fabric in my final piece. Maybe not. But it gave me a little more inspiration. I really like the addition of the coral-y red and that yellow-gold. Warms up the palette.


By Hoki Quilts said...

who makes these amazing pencils and where can I get them from - brilliant stuff, thanks?

Terry said...

They are made by Derwent and are available in most art supply stores and here:

Kristin L said...

You are such a clever lady to "fix" your fabric like that.

This color combo has me thinking spa. I'm not sure where to go with that in a quilty way, but maybe I just need to take the hint and go to a spa in real life. ;-)

Karen said...

I love the inktense pencils! I managed to get a great deal on a set of 24 at Michaels for $9.99. Would have bought more but it was the last one they had. What a great way to 'fix' the fabric!

Brenda Gael Smith said...

Kristin, I see you in a pale blue room with the ocean waves soundtrack in the background, a little driftwood and some aromatherapy faintly reminiscent of freshly cut grass. Oh wait, that would be me in my studio (minus the blue walls) - the whipper snipper/lawn mowing man came today.