Monday, January 10, 2011


I like to explore various finishing techniques with my 12x12 pieces. Thus far, in the Colorplay series, one piece has an unfinished pinked edge (pink), one has a zig-zagged edge (rusty) and the rest have fused bindings. So... time for something new. How about paint?!

I didn't have quite the right color, so I had to mix.
I'll save further details for the reveal on Wednesday, but you can see a bit on the left in the pictures.


Kristin L said...

I first heard of people sealing the edges of their small works with paint when we were at the Quilt Festival in Houston last Fall. I think someone even said she dipped her edges in glitter while the paint was still wet. There may have been a few groans in response to that one, but on an ATC or fabric postcard, why not?!