Sunday, May 2, 2010

Opposites Attract

Continuing with the idea that this is a challange, I decided to pick a colorwave of opposites, or complementary colors.  If I had really wanted a challenge, I would have picked blue - orange, which I have never liked working with, but I kind of like purple - yellow, so here it is, a challange with two colors I like!  I am purposely not showing any pictures of anything else, because I don't want you to focus on an image, which a lot of us, including myself, did for Kristin's challange.  I find starting a piece with just the color choices really difficult, but that is what I want you to do here.
I forgot to add that you can use any accent colors you want to this.


Helen Conway said...

Yellow? Yellow? Arrgh!
I feel a Mork Rothco thing coming on - 143 square inches of purple and one of (ugh) yellow.:)
My word verification for this post is sewses!

Terry said...

Oh, I love yellow and purple. Goody goody goody!

Gerrie said...

Eek! Purple and yellow? Out of my comfort zone. If I can throw some red and chartreuse into it, I can figure out something. LOL The first thing that comes to mind is Easter!

Helen - why do you have a word verification, you are one of the blog hosts? I never have to do word verification.

Diane said...

I like your choice, Karen -- working with complementary colors can be so interesting. And, I must add, I am gratified to see that your fabric piles are NOT all neat and tidy.

Kristin L said...

My purple drawer is too too full, so this is a great color choice as far as I'm concerned. I also love the idea of working with compliments. Too often we think of the pure color wheel versions of compliments and forget that all the shades and tints work just as well. I like your semi-messy cubes too -- they look just like mine!

Karen said...

Oh Helen, too bad, soo sad. I expect you to come up with something amazing.