Friday, October 19, 2007

We're SO trendy!

Have any of you been watching "Pushing Daisies?" For those of you out of the US, it 's a new tv show that just started airing, and it's very clever. It's a fairy-tale-esqe story of a fellow who discovered as a kid that if he touched anything dead, it would come back to life...but if he touches it again, it dies again forever. Discovering that his childhood sweetheart has been murdered, he brings her back to life - but now can never touch her.

I know, it sounds downright lame. But what is so interesting about this is that the program is written so well. It's funny, almost campy, and it is meant to be a light-hearted story. The visuals are gorgeous --there isn't a set or scene that looks like the real world. Everything is in brilliant, fairy-tale colors. It's really fun to watch ... and every detail is cleverly perfect. And the humor is charming. There's a big hulking detective (who teams with Our Hero to bring murder victims back to life to ask them who killed them and then bring the murders to justice and --oh yes-- collect the rewards) who knits on the sly (little socks to hide his stash of reward money!) and has been known to save them from disaster with a knitting needle. I laughed aloud when the narrator said something like, "there's nothing like a comforting stockinette stitch when you're feeling blue."

Anyway. The reason I'm posting it here is that I just watched the second episode online. (You can stream the show at your convenience from the website by downloading their player.) And the second episode was about a car manufacturer making an experimental car that runs on dandelions! The scenes in the car factory are really fun -- including the girls in dandelion costumes (see above!) And dandelion imagery and colors are everywhere in this episode.

It was highly entertaining, and great dandelion inspiration. Apparently we're ahead of the curve on recognizing that dandelions are IN!


Brenda said...

Alas, you cannot download abc programs outside of the United States, but you can see a couple more photos of the dandelion costumes on the official Pushing Daisies website.

teri springer said...

Honey, you guys are ahead of the curve PERIOD!! Really enjoying following your progress!!


Diane said...

Oh! I didn't know you couldn't access those shows out of the US. Maybe they'll turn up on Itunes eventually? Or is that different too in different countries? (Licensing and international sales issues, I suspect...)

Terry said...

Very innovative show. I am loving it and especially love Kristen Chenowith as the lovesick pie shop employee. She is a bit like a live cartoon character. The dandelion stuff was great! But alas, the dandelion car was doomed. Sad.

ana said...

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