Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Overrun by Dandelions

Francoise, pick our next theme carefully -- because whatever it is, I'm bound to be surrounded by it for 2 months!

Is this just happening to me? Or are you finding that dandelions greet you wherever you go?

I recently finished a really terrific novel by Patricia Gaffney, "Mad Dash." It's the story of a woman in her late 40's whose mother has just died, and her daughter has departed for college, and she's going through what she knows is a crazy emotional, empty-nest, mid-life crisis sort of phase. The arrival of a new puppy on the scene brings various aspects of her marriage into sharp relief, and she sets out to decide what she wants her life-from-here-on-in to be. I was totally charmed by the author's style and the character's voice and by the humorous and pointed comments about married life.

Anyway, upon finishing it I popped into to see what other books I might find by the same author, and lo and behold, this is the first one that came up. Charming cover, eh?!

(and, from an artistic point of view, fascinating that I associate green and yellow with dandelions and yet this is such a direct sense of "dandelion," that puff floating against a blue and white sky.)


StegArt said...

Thanks for the book review Diane, sounds like a good one to add to my list. And I would agree, since 'dandelion' became 'the word' I too have been more aware. I'm very anxious to see what Francoise picks for our next obsession.