Thursday, October 18, 2007

Changing directions and reveal date

Brenda's comment below made me wonder how many of us had a specific dandelion image in mind, or color scheme, or a direction they thought they were going, and then ended up going in a different direction?

That sure happened for me.

When we post our final results, perhaps each artist can talk a bit about her process, too?

Did we ever settle on a specific "reveal" date or time? How about they can be posted any time between October 30 and November 2?



Anonymous said...

The range of reveal dates sound good to me. Being so international, we'd need at least 12 hours anyways if we all posted at, say noon on November first! Geographicly, Brenda and Kirsten have the potential to be first, then me and Françoise, then Helen, then Terri, Deborah, and finally, all you West Coast USA-ers could really drag it out!! I'm looking forward to everyone's Dandelions -- and I guess I better get sewing if I'm going to have anything to show!!

Diane Perin said...

Silly me--I hadn't actually thought about the time difference and how it would stagger our postings. But you're right, of course. Ooh, I'll be wanting to check constantly!

Karen said...

I think having a few days to post over is a good idea also,especially for those not quite done, it might kick them into high gear! I also like talking a bit about the creative process, I think it makes our group more interesting than just a make and post group

Unknown said...

I had assumed that we were going to talk about the quilts a bit - I certainly want to know how you all made it and why you chose to make what you did!