Friday, October 26, 2007

The Contenders

In additon to my warm up dandelion thread drawing, I have completed three other quilts as part of this challenge. Here is a glimpse of the contenders.

Incidentally, despite my best intentions, none of these quilts is exactly 12x12 inches so I do hope we are adopting a generous de minimis* approach!

*de minimis non curat lex [Latin] The law does not concern itself with trifles; -- a principle of law, that even if a technical violation of a law appears to exist according to the letter of the law, if the effect is too small to be of consequence, the violation of the law will not be considered as a sufficient cause of action, whether in civil or criminal proceedings.


kristin L said...

This electronic quilt, made up of the three real ones, is interesting in it's own right. I'm looking forward to seeing it's "parents."

Helen Conway said...

Clearly you have never had to spend a day sittng as Judge in a UK small claims court!!!

catsmum said...

well of course I loved the shibori one but this collage of the three works well in and of itself.