Sunday, March 28, 2010

New York Times Inspiration

Look at what the New York Times has in the travel mag today. Hawaiian volcano pics. It is part of a fashion spread with accessories photographed in wild nature scenes. I love the Naughty by Nature title.

I am very taken by the sensuous curves and molding of the lava.


Karen said...

I was just looking at this myself and remembering our visit there and how close we got to the lava. I wonder if you can still get that close.

Kristin L said...

That's it! That is teh undulation and black/orange combo I've been trying for with my marbling. Not photorealistic mind you, but the essence of it.

I sure hope that model's boots didn't melt. A friend of mine went years ago and said teh heat melted the soles of her tennis shoes. We're going in June and I hope that we can get close -- though not so close as to melt shoes. ;-)

Brenda said...

How timely for you Gerrie. I've been cruising online image galleries for lava and volcano photos but there's something special about hard copy versions.

Diane said...

Isn't it amazing how whatever our challenge topic, it seems to appear in front of us during the challenge period?! And Kristin, I remember when we visited Hawaii years ago, being warned about not standing too long with rubber soled shoes because of the melting hazard! That certainly got the point across that we would be standing on REAL LAVA!