Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dallas Quilt Show Appearances

I entered my Fractal Tree (from our Mathematics theme) in the Dallas Quilt Celebration last year. One of my local art quilter friends thought it was wonderful, but wondered if it was a bit lost among the larger works. So... she hatched a plan to gather several 12x12 quilts for a special exhibit.

She and the rest of the "twisted stitchers" (our small local art quilt group), made 12x12 quilts and invited other friends to join us. We exhibited 65 quilts! They looked great. I had initially considered inviting all the "twelves" from this group, but I didn't want to flood the exhibit or seem like I was showing off with such a huge group of brilliant friends.

Here you can see two of the three quilts I made for "blue, white and a bit of black" and my pink quilt.
It really was inspiring to see so many quilts in this format!


Azreada said...

Kudos!! What a fun display! Thanks for letting us know about it. I hope my sister-in-law who lives in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area was able to attend the show.

Kristin L said...

I like how you guys have arranged them by color. I imagine our Colorplay Series will have a similar feel.