Sunday, February 24, 2008

Messy Quilted Community

If I wanted MESSY quilting, that is certainly what I got. The photo doesn't even do justice to the messiness! I lost track of the number of times that I sewed down my presser foot or got tangled among the loose threads. Add in, shredded threads, skipped stitches and off tension. I think any traditional quilter would immediately throw this in the trash or maybe even the burn pile.
I'm still thinking about what I can do with this quilt. Maybe it needs some bandages and patches. And perhaps a big tear right down the middle. I'll have to see what else I can come up with.


StegArt said...

I LOVE it!

Kristin L said...

The quilting really changes the character of this. It still has that messy/neat contrast though. Nice experimenting.

d2 said...

Daren and Ginny love this piece. It's so artistic and etherial. We needed the color boost today as we dyed indigo.
Keep stitching.
From Kentucky and Indiana

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