Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Direction

12x12 group theme quilt community
I think I've chosen my direction with the 'community' theme. At first I thought this theme would be very challenging for me and that I'd be struggling. My first thoughts for a direction were something nature related, such as a garden community. I pictured my design showing several flowers sharing a plot of earth.

But I had another thought that I like better. I love being a part of this group and am still thrilled that Diane invited me. I feel this group is a wonderful art quilt challenge community and I am very much enjoying being a part of this community. I am going to create my 'community' quilt based on all of the 12 x 12 members.

As you can see (or not, is it too small) in my rough sketch and notes above, I am going to create faces and color (paint) them. Each face will represent a member of the group. Hope I can pull this off.


Kristin L said...

Ah, maybe THIS is the visual expression of a Granfalloon!? :-)

Helen Conway said...

Ah. I think you should show us each face and let us guess which one of us they are without telling us!!

Nikki said...

I love the idea. I'm excited to see how you depict each of us.

Deborah said...

Oh this is very exciting. I love it. I am starting to feel like I "know" who everyone is. I can picture most faces in my mind as I read each post and I am trying keep up with reading everyone's blogs so I can connect their lives to our whole experience.

Françoise said...

This is a very good idea! Looking forward to seeing our 12 faces..