Friday, February 1, 2008

Good for my heart

I just wanted to tell you all how delighted I am, once again, with the way our challenges are going. I am so pleased that you all are playing this 12x12 game with me, and that you are sharing your time and ideas and amazing talents in this project.

As always, I am so inspired by the work you've shared. I can pore over these pieces (and know that I will do so time and again) and find things that make me gasp in amazement, and grin with delight, and shake my head at what I would never think of myself, and reach for my notepad to jot down a brilliant technique or solution to try some time.

Most of all, I really treasure this opportunity to get to know all of you a bit better.

I can't stop scrolling over these great quilts. Thanks SOOOOOO much. Here. Have a chocolate heart on me.


Brenda said...

And others are enjoying our creative process as testified by this blog post by Calendar Pages.

Kristin L said...

Thank YOU Diane for organizing this. I'm looking forward to each and every post.