Friday, February 1, 2008

A Chocolate Box of Quilts

Just to let everyone know that I am working on updating the Twelve by Twelve website and will let you know when the new pages are ready. In the meantime, here's a clickable mosaic of the fabulous chocolate-inspired quilts:
Despite the diversity of ideas and styles, the serendipitous palette of brown, red and pink (with a touch of blue!) unifies the collection remarkably well!


Myra said...

These twelve quilts are absolutely phenomenal as are the twelve artists who created them. I have truly enjoyed reading about this challenge and the group of artists. Thanks for enriching the creativity of all of us in the online audience. This is a quilt show worthy of a champion ribbon.

twolimeleaves said...

Gosh we're clever ;)
Don't they all look so good?

Threadspider said...

I would like to echo what Myra said above-I have so enjoyed watching the unveiling ( should that be unwrapping?) of the Chocolate quilt and being introduced to your marvellous work.What an inspirational group you are.

jpsam said...

They look wonderful together!