Monday, February 13, 2012

Twelve by Twelve Minor Website Metamorphosis

Our first challenges quilts in the 2012 Series can now be viewed on the website on the new Metamorphosis page.You will see that, with the change to the 20x12in format, our mosaics have morphed into a slightly new format too:
Over on the Twelve by Twelve website, there have also been a few changes. Here are some new features that you might enjoy:
  • we have added a new About page that covers a few frequently asked questions that often come up;
  • there's a new 2012 Series Gallery Page that sets out our timetable for 2012; 
  • the main gallery pages for the Theme Series and the Colorplay Series each have an array of 144 clickable thumbnails that take you directly to the page with the artist statement and enlarged image of the relevant quilt;
  • the Media page has been expanded to include a listing of podcasts and vidcasts featuring the Twelves and our project;
  • the Exhibitions page has been moved to its own tab in the navigation menu so you can easily find out where to see the next exhibition and also see details of other exciting events that the Twelves are involved in; and
  • there is a new Artist Gallery for the 2012 Series where you will be able to see all of the 20x12in challenge works completed by each Twelve grouped together. For example, here is Gerrie's 2012 Series Artist Gallery.
The website is now made up of close to 400 separate pages so it's possible that it needs tweaking here and there.  Please let Brenda know if you come across any broken links or other glitches.