Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ponga Pounamu

I only started my metamorphosis piece this week. It took me two goes. This is my first attempt. It depicts the changing form of the New Zealand silver fern (ponga)from tightly wound spiral koru to gently draping elongated fronds, all rendered in green hand-dyed fabrics - the colours of pounamu (greenstone jade) a metamorphic rock that is used in beautiful jewellery.
More on my blog. I'm looking forward to our first 2012 reveal!


Maree S said...

Lovely to see a NZ theme when I checked out your blog! Very nice, I like it a lot!
Regards Maree in NZ

What Comes Next? said...

I love the way ferns unfurl from a tight little knot - a great metamorphosis topic. Great representation.

ann said...

If you scroll down this piece it appears to move. I've been wanting to create something with this illusion. You did it! FABULOUS.