Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sneak Peek

Wow, I haven't posted on our blog in soooo long. I am really excited to see what the other Twelves come up with next week when we have the reveal of my choice of theme — metamorphosis. I went through several ideas.

A major happening for me last fall was cataract surgery which was a metamorphosis of how I see color again with more youthful vision. I was going to go with that as a theme. Then, I took an online class with Elizabeth Barton at Quilt University called Inspired to Design, and I came up with another idea.

You can see a sneak peek up there with one of my go to color palettes red, lime green and yellow set off by black. I have not done the quilting yet as I need to finesse the layout just a bit. I can't sew anyway because my artist daughter, Lisa, is visiting and she is using my sewing machine chair. She has some major illustration deadlines to finish this week-end. She leaves tomorrow so then I can get my chair back!! Then I have the conundrum of how to quilt this!


Karen said...

I'm loving those little circles in this Gerrie, can't wait for the reveal.