Friday, July 15, 2011

Pumpkin Lasagne

I use orange a fair amount in my work.  For example, here's my entry for the Canberra Quilters Recipe Book/Quilt Competition in 2009. An extra tall slice of Pumpkin Lasagne (click for recipe) - good enough to eat!



Kathleen said...

Love this simple design. Very dynamic, warm and soothing. The texture is perfect. People tend to shy away from oranges - but it is one of my favorites, representing change. Life is always changing, new things are around every corner. That is what I thought of as soon as soon as I saw this quilt. What are the dimensions?

Vicki said...

I use a lot of orange, too. Orange is a big part of our aussie landscape, isn't it? even if we call it "red earth"

Brenda said...

It is 12x16 inches (WxL). I could trim it up and my orange piece would done!