Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Has anyone seen my elephant?

As soon as the Grey theme was announced I knew what I would do - a very textured close up portrait of the eye and wrinkled skin of an elephant.
So I got out a piece of elephant skin coloured fabric and some elephant skin coloured thread and some elephant skin coloured crayons and guess what - my elephant muse ran away.
Turns out that was not the quilt for me after all.
So last night I spent watching CSI and stroking fabric and pondering and now I know what I shall be making tonight.
Nothing to do with animals at all.
Maybe a touch of Africa though :)


Kristin L said...

Oh, I like your elephant idea. I'm sorry the muse went away. Have you tried flour paste resist? It crackles like elephant skin. I look forward to seeing what you do end up making.