Saturday, February 19, 2011

Special Deliveries

The delivery of author copies continues and the mosaic is filling up. Just look at those happy smiles!
Don't miss the Twelve Days of Twelves on the Lark Crafts blog which includes some giveaways for lucky readers.  You can also order your very own copy of the book from suppliers such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. In Australia, you can pre-order from Can Do Books (Melbourne) and New Zealand Quilter/Minerva has a shipment arriving very soon.


janice said...

Congratulations on a wonderful book. So often when I get a book that I have been told is wonderful it turns out to be less so. Not in this case. I got my copy yesterday and I have to tell you I am having a hard time putting it down and doing art. I love the layout and all the photos and while I've only read the first two entries I am enjoying the in depth discussions of how they work. Love hearing about studios too. Are you going to do it again with the Colorplay challenge?

Kristin L said...

Diane, where's a photo of you with your book?

SewLindaAnn said...

I am so happy right now...Just this morning the UPS guy came down the driveway and handed my prize to me!! The Book!! THE Book. I cannot wait to sit down with a cup of coffee and devour it. It's so beautiful and inspirational. Thank you, thank you!!! And also thanks to Lark Crafts, they're so awesome!