Saturday, February 5, 2011


I like these colors. They are colors I could live with. But I'm stalling out on what to do with them 12x12-wise. My first reaction was "spa."

I saw something that was kind of like a cathedral window construction that reminded me of a curtain or room divider. So, I've been thinking that maybe I'd do something that was like a screen at a spa, allowing for glimpses of the treatments beyond. Seems rather decorative though.

Then I riffed on the color names. I rather like the idea of "sage advice" and was convinced two days ago that I would do a composition in sage, blue, and brown based on fortune cookie papers. Then I thought about my dad, who's always been my sage when it comes to my artistic career. Maybe a portrait of him. Maybe not though since I have issues with people in art quilts. Or maybe I need to do it to push myself out of my comfort zone.

After pulling out these fabrics (as you can see, I am of the grey-green school when it comes to sage), I am back to liking little windows....