Monday, February 21, 2011

My Brown Blue and Sage View

The thing that keeps coming to mind when I think of Brown Blue and Sage is the view out of the window of my studio, especially on sunny days this time of year.  I see the beautiful blue sky, sparkling Mt. Jupiter, the hills covered in evergreens and not so beautiful, scrubby, bare alder trees. I decided to try capturing the scene with free motion stitching.   
For this piece, I decided to just stitch the mountain, without the alders and power lines cluttering the view.  I used circles for the neighbor's fields, spirals for the mountain and lines for the clouded sky 
For the alder trees, I used a very messy, sketchy line.  I stitched as I looked at them out the window.  Lines are going every which way.  It was fun to actually draw with the sewing machine.  I'm not a very confident drawer and I have a feeling it shows.  I did have a lot of fun doing it and didn't really worry about how it turned out.

 My final sketch was the tree line.  I used straight lines for the trees and swirls for the sky.  I actually did a mirror image of the view out my window because of the way the fabric was moving as I stitched. 

After quilting, my next task is making more fabric paper to fit the color scheme.  These are the background papers that I thought.  Brown blue and sage seems to be a popular color scheme, as I had no problem finding a plethora of choice in my stash. 


Kristin L said...

I'm very curious to see how the papers and the quilting get incorporated together.